Who is Booking Pete Davidson?

Who is Booking Pete Davidson?

Pete Davidson Teams Up with The Comedian Company for Sold-Out Shows

Flyer for comedian Pete Davison sold out show at The Machine shop in Flint, Michigan on June 10th 2024. Pete is wearing a orange jacket.The Comedian Company is thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with the one and only Pete Davidson, star of “The King of Staten Island” and “Saturday Night Live.”

Pete is known for his raw and relatable humor. Recently he has been rehearsing for an upcoming Netflix special set to be filmed in Fargo, ND. We had the pleasure of working closely with Pete and his team to scout and secure the perfect locations for a series of intimate warm-up shows.

We were happy to work with Pete for these shows sold out shows. They were held at two standout venues: the Machine Shop in Flint, MI, and District 142 in Wyandotte, MI. Both locations were the ideal settings for Pete’s unique brand of comedy, creating an up-close and personal experience for the audience.

Tickets went on sale and were snapped up within 48 hours, underscoring Pete’s immense popularity and the excitement surrounding these special performances. Yondr was used so everyone kept phones in bag to really appreciate the comedy.

What is Pete Davidson Doing Now?

The opening acts kicked off the night with great energy, setting the stage for Pete Davidson to take the spotlight. After that, Pete delivered an impressive 75-minute set, filled with hilarious anecdotes and sharp observations. Pete had the audience in stitches with stories about his sister and mom to his infamous driving issues. Stories about The King Of Staten Island and Saturday Night Live also made there way to the act. His goofy storytelling and effortless delivery had the audience and us rolling with laughter.

Pictured here is The Comedian Company president Jason Douglas (in the gray jacket) sharing a moment with Pete Davidson in a gray hoodie. Other comedians for hire in a red backstage room.

Backstage, there was a palpable sense of camaraderie and excitement. Pictured here is The Comedian Company president Jason Douglas (in the gray jacket) sharing a moment with Pete Davidson and other comedians. It’s collaborations like these that make us proud to be in the comedy business, bringing together talented performers and enthusiastic audiences for unforgettable nights of laughter.

As Pete gears up for his Netflix special, fans are buzzing with anticipation. And while everyone is curious about who Pete Davidson is dating, if we know, we won’t tell!

Lookout for Pete Davidson’s Netflix special when it premieres. Remember to reach out to The Comedian Company for all your comedy needs – your go-to source for bringing the best in comedy to your event. Another great resource for booking comedy is our partners at Hire A Comedian.

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