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    The Comedian Company has hilarious clean comedians for hire.

    Fill out this form and one of our experienced agents will connect with you about hiring a clean comedian at your event. Specifically, we want to work with you and make your gathering enjoyable for everyone.

    Our diverse selection of comics can cater to your preference for wholesome comedy.

    The Comedian Company will work with you to select a stand-up comedian for your event. Featuring the most comprehensive collection of comics, we will provide sample videos to preview before confirming your booking.

    We have a variety of comedians for your budget.

    Above all, The Comedian Company offers a large selection of funny clean comedians for hire. With more than 500 inoffensive stand-up comics in our network, we will help make your event a winner!

    Clean stand-up comedy is our specialty. Our database has some of the most popular comedians in the nation.

    black clean comedian for hire Joe sitting with a gray suit and tie on with his dreadlocks pulled back.

    No other agency can beat our prices or great comedian selection- Guaranteed!

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      Funny Clean Comedians – Virtual or In Person!

      Clean Female Comedian for hire Maija headshot with a black jacket and dirty-blonde curly hair down around her shoulders.

      Your specific preference for your event is our priority.

      Whether you prefer a female or male comedian, or have specific preferences related to race, ethnicity, and more, we are here to assist you. Reach out to us today for more information and share details about your event. All in all, we’re dedicated to providing entertainment that suits your unique needs.

      Laugh without worry

      Of course parties often bring together people of many different age groups, beliefs, and sensibilities. While entertainment is essential in such diverse environments, there the risk of offending someone if you don’t have the right fit for your event.

      Laugh with us

      In short, we can help you pick the right comedian that will bring non-vulgar humor that will appeal to everyone in your group. Check out our blog for more information on what clean comedians offer.

      Female, Male, Race, Ethnicity, etc. You name it and we can assist you. Contact us today for more information.

      Book a comedian with The Comedian Company and experience:


      • Service from the nation’s largest comedian booking company.
      • Comedians for all budgets. Fill out this form for a quote
      • Narrowing down choices of the best comedian for your event.
      • True ease of comic selection; we’ll send video clips of your favorites.
      • Stand-up comedians for every location – Big or small. Near or far away.
      • Exceptional customer service to ensure 100% satisfaction.
      • Hire a virtual comedian to perform or in person. We can do both.

      Clean stand-up comedy brings every audience to its feet with pure, family-friendly humor.

      Book A Clean Comedian

      For lots of laughs with no questionable content, choose The Comedian Company. We book more comedians than anyone else. Let us help you with your event.

      Clean Corporate Comedians

      Reimagine your basic company party or meeting with a corporate comedian from The Comedian Company. They’ll boost the room’s energy and have everyone laughing til it hurts. Our blog will breakdown the basics and inspire you when you are planning your next corporate event.

      Christian Comedians For Hire

      Wholesome fun doesn’t need to be boring. With dozens of Christian comedians ready to go, finding the perfect match is just moments away. Bring your parishioners together with one of our clean Christian comedians.

      Clean Christmas Party Comedians For Hire

      How many times have you went to a truly memorable company Christmas party? Probably not many. A comedian will make your party an over the top success. No boring games or gift exchanges here. We want your co-workers, family, book club talking about how awesome you were for hiring a comedian for your Christmas party. See our blog about the different options available for a your next Christmas party.

      Clean Christmas Party Comedians For Hire

      Treat your guests to a gathering with laughs galore. Private party comedians liven up any group, from old friends to first-time acquaintances. Imagine a clean comic for your next bridal shower or bachelor party. Try a stand-up comedian for your next ladies tea or network gathering. There is no event we haven’t done.

      Book Clean Fundraiser Comedians

      For a show that will put your audience in the giving mindset, a performance by one of our fundraiser comedians is the way to go. Undoubtedly they’ll lighten the mood and move people to make that donation. In simpler terms, if people are laughing, think of the possible donations you could gather for your cause. Let us know if your are looking for comic relief, an emcee or both.

      Clean Jewish Comedians For Hire

      Entertaining a Jewish crowd? A Jewish comedian is the perfect crowd pleaser! Bring home the laughs with a clean entertainer who knows just what to say.

      Clean High School and College Comedians

      Are you needing fun activities for a high school event or a means to gather a college body together? Hire a comedian for your next school event. Importantly high school and college comedians will deliver dozens of clean laughs geared at a campus that won’t make the adults cringe or be deemed uncool by students. Specifically, school committees think of The Comedian Company for after prom events or post graduation celebrations.

      Let’s breakdown what Clean comics for hire can do:

      Custom – Non-offensive – Comedy

      Crowd laughing at comedian for hireBecause humor brings people together, and let’s be honest – who doesn’t need a good laugh? You will feel good all over by the laughter delivered by our comedians. Plus, they can work with you to customize some material unique for your event or group.

      Entertainment for All Groups

      In addition to causing offense, dirty jokes may be inaccessible to younger audiences, preventing children from enjoying the act. Because they focus on making their jokes safe without boring adults, clean comedians are more likely to offer equal entertainment to everyone who is present.

      Read this news article for a breakdown of what clean comedy is. Check out our blog for a list of some of the funniest clean comics around.

      All Budgets

      As a result of The Comedian Company having 100’s of clean comedians and the ability to keep them working, we are able to offer the best price. Guaranteed.

      Here is how it works

      First, tell us about your event, what you expect from the comedian, where you are located, your budget needs, and date or dates you are looking at.  After that, we will then send you sample clips of comics in your price range, available on your date and most importantly … Will be hilarious!

      We have the variety

      Due to our extensive database of comedians, we are able to entertain in any city in the USA (and most of Canada too). Ask about our clean comedians for hire, corporate clean comedians for hire, and even Christian clean comedians for hire. Inquire about the celebrity comedians for hire.

      We have the experience

      For over 20 years The Comedian Company has been helping people hire comedians. Since we have so many options and the “Best Price Guarantee” we are sure to be the only agent you’ll need when it comes to hiring the best comedian! Conversely, if we can’t find the right comedian for you we work with several regional partner companies which takes our network of comedians to over 2,500!

      Ensure laughter and success with us. No event is too big or too small. Contact us today. Fill out this form and one of our experienced agents will connect with you.

      To hire a comedian for your next event, fill out this form, call our office at (586) 218-8745 or email . You choose the rating, we’ll help you hire the talent to match. We have comedians for every budget in every city!

      Recent Review: “We hired a comedian for my husband’s birthday party in a restaurant. The comedian (Jay) was so funny and kept it clean. which is important to us. While we are not prudes we don’t enjoy humor that relies on dirty words. The Comedian Company picked an amazing comedian for us and everyone commented how funny the performance was. Two thumbs up!! – Aurora – Indianapolis, IN

      We’ve booked comedians for the following companies.
      No customer too big or too small!

      No other agency can beat our prices or great comedian selection- Guaranteed!

      To hire a comedian for your next event call:
      (586) 218-8745 or

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