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For even the most serious businesses, laughter is key.

Few things brighten up an office party better than a good joke, especially after a stressful workday. The Comedian Company offers a range of corporate comedians for even the toughest crowd! Who doesn’t love a good laugh and need it in our fast paced business world?

Let us help you make your office party, company Christmas party, banquet, or work event a success by hiring a corporate comedian!

The Comedian Company has over 700 corporate comedians available for hire.

This year make your event the talk of the office. Show your customers, members, or employees how much you care!

We will help you hire a great corporate comedian. We have corporate clean comedians, night club rated comedians, and comedians PG-13 movie rated in content!

Didn’t see your event listed? No worries. We can book comedians for any event.

You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive hiring a corporate comedian actually is.

StaceyPrices will depend on location and date of performance. Call or email us for more information. We will show you a list of available talent and let you sample some audio/video clips.

We try and most times can work with just about any budget to help you hire a corporate comedian. We even have corporate comedians who can write material around your event to personalize the show.

By booking a comedian you’ll be the hero who made the party one to remember!

We Have Comedians for All Venues

In addition to the nature of your office and event, the venue also affects whom you should hire to provide comedy. Some comedians have experience addressing large audiences outdoors or in spacious buildings, while others are better suited to small parties. Tell us your venue and we will find comedians who can work with it.

No matter how promising a comedian’s reviews may be, you never really know how they will perform until you have seen their material. The Comedian Company will thus give you video clips of the performers in our network, letting you select the comedian (along with help and guidance from our knowledgeable staff)

No other agency can beat our prices or great comedian selection- Guaranteed!

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    Why Hire a Corporate Comedian?

    Every now and then we need to stop and have some laughs. That’s where a corporate comedian comes in. Show your customers, members, or employees that breaking the mold is what you do! Humor that is corporate clean or mild PG-13 rated is our specialty.

    Personalize Your Show

    Our very experienced, highly hilarious comedians will hands-down put on a hand-clapping show. For greater personalization, book a corporate event comedian who writes material around your unique event.

    The Price is Right

    You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive it is to hire a corporate comedian! Tell us when and where your corporate event is, along with your audience size, and we’ll provide a price quote that’s perfect for your area and affair. We go the distance to deliver for every budget, place, and space.

    Seriously Funny Stuff

    When you hire a corporate event comedian from The Comedian Company you get big (workplace-appropriate) laughs delivered by a professional comedian — each backed by the extreme attention and excellent organization of our customer service team.

    Hundreds of Comedians to Choose From

    The Comedian Company is your source for more than 700 corporate event comedians. They’re available nationwide, and they’re waiting to attend your business gathering. Give us a call!

    Not Another Motivational Speaker

    We all need motivation, it’s true. But bringing a group together with a barrel of laughs has instant effects on an audience. They’ll bond, they’ll remember, they’ll revel in what a great corporate event they just attended.

    Stress-Less Corporate Event Planning

    When you hire a corporate event comedian through The Comedy Company, promoting your show is easy. We provide flyers, press releases — even tickets (for a small fee) — to make your event a success.

    Try Comedians Before You Buy

    Wondering what others think of our corporate event comedians? We love to share our comedian video clips and positive references from clients who have booked with us before.

    Corporate Event Experience

    No matter your event type, we have the right corporate event comedian for you! Our comedians perform everywhere in the United States. If you need laughs, we’ll get them to you.

    To hire a corporate comedian for your next event, fill out the form on this page, call our office at (586) 218-8745 or email . You choose the rating, we’ll help you hire the talent to match. We have comedians for every budget in every city!

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    No customer too big or too small!

    No other agency can beat our prices or great comedian selection- Guaranteed!

    To hire a comedian for your next event call:
    (586) 218-8745 or

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