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    Hire Inspirational Speakers for a Life Changing Experience.

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    Improve morale and boost productivity for your group when you hire inspirational keynote speakers. These speakers can help you overcome challenges with their valuable insight and strategies. Our speakers offer fresh ideas and impactful stories that can inspire a shift in perspective resulting in a positive mindset and growth.

    Find Inspirational Speakers Near You

    Grow your group’s collaboration potential with an inspirational and motivational speaker.  Inspiring stories can lead to a growth mindset perspective to fuel success for the future.

    Contact us today at 586-218-8745 to learn more about our speakers and how they can make a difference in your business or group.

    Speakers will come to any location – Guaranteed.

    How Much Do Speakers Charge?

    Our prices vary from $1,000-$5,000 for inspirational keynote speakers. Call now to discuss your needs and budget to find the best speaker.

    Fortune 500 companies, church groups, sports teams, fundraising volunteers, schools faculty and/or students all have something in common- people who have to work together for a common goal. They have also come to us to find the top inspirational speakers.

    Diverse Expertise for Every Need

    Our speakers come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, offering fresh perspectives and insights tailored to your specific challenges. Whether you’re looking to enhance leadership skills, improve team dynamics, or drive innovation, our speakers have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

    A boost in morale can lead to increased productivity and a renewed sense of purpose among your employees or group.

    Teamwork Opportunities

    Speakers can spark collaboration with actionable steps to empower your team to excel. Read more about collaboration in the workplace here.

    Looking for something fun and engaging for corporate team building, try Friendly Feud. Imagine the game show, but with your group. Laughter and camaraderie can compel your team to form more cohesive and collaborative relationships.

    Hire a speaker for your team.

    With our varied selection, find the best inspirational speakers for any group.

    Here are some examples of organizations our speakers have motivated at: Fortune 500 companies, church groups, sports teams, fundraisers, schools faculty and/or students.

    Messages can be customizable for your situation.

    Challenge your staff or group to a positive perspective and hire an inspirational speaker through us.

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    No other agency can beat our prices or great comedian selection- Guaranteed!

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      Need Help Hiring
      a Comedian?
      * Indicates required questions

      Positive Transformation By The Power of Thank You With Keynote Speaker - Jason Douglas

      Stand up Comedian and Motivational Speaker for hire Jason Douglas in a gray suit and green shirt being interviewed for a local new station.

      Next Level Team Building And Corporate Motivational Speaker - Ron Nanney

      Corporate Motivational Speaker for hire Ron Nanney wearing a gray Rattlers cap in a black jacket with a medal around his neck holding hockey trophy with blond hair adolescent who is wearing a purple jersey and has a medal around his neck.

      Propel Your Company's Growth With Powerful Sales Training Expert - Ryan Listerman

      Ryan Listerman corporate business sales trainer for hire in a blue suit.

      Swim up stream with Olympian and Motivational Speaker - Ashton Smith

      Special Olympics gold medal athlete and Motivational Speaker African American Ashton Smith smiling in a pool

      Dynamic Motivational Speaker and Experienced Team Building Expert - Cam Rowe

      Cam Rowe

      Elevate A Team With Sports Inspiration By Former NHL Player - Darren McCarty

      Motivational/Team Building speaker for hire Darren McCarty. Former NHL hockey player wearing a blue dress shirt and navy sport coat.

      Discovery and growth for a dynamic more inclusive world - Madelein Smith

      Diversity speaker for hire Madelein Smith with red hair swept to the side, hand on her chin with red lipstick on and mauve button down shirt with a black shirt underneath.

      Traumatized to Optimized! Overcome fear with suicide prevention speaker - Amy Koford

      Motivational Speaker for hire Amy Koford in a black sport coat and pink blouse with long blonde hair.

      Glean Optimism with Motivational Team Building from the "Queen of Happy Things" - Missy Hall

      Female comedian and motivational speaker for hire Missy Hall in a pink blouse with her arms outstretched.

      We’ve booked comedians & speakers for the following companies. No customer is too big or too small!