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    Comedian PosingThe Comedian Company is the largest comedian booking company in the U.S. and we want to help you hire a comedian for your event.

    Whether you want a corporate comedian, clean comedian, Christian comedian, night club rated comedian, or someone in the middle, we will help you hire the right comedian. We’ll even email you sample videos to choose from before you book.

    With The Comedian Company, you get the “Best Price Guarantee”. Meaning, you’ll always get the best comedians and the best price! No other companies can beat our prices or great comedian selection. Guaranteed. Fill out the form on this page, email us or call our office to discuss hiring a comedian.

      Need Help Hiring
      a Comedian?
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      Below are the most popular categories for comedians. Click on the buttons for more information on hiring the right comedian for you.

      Should You Hire A Stand-Up Comedian?

      Well, obviously YES, but why? What makes comedians the best entertainment choice for your club, event, locale, or institution? Consider 3 factors that make stand-up comedians for hire, the ultimate laugh-out-loud experience.

      Clean Comedian Entertainment

      Stand-up comedians for hire know exactly how to read the room and are very versatile entertainers who are able to adapt to the occasion and work on their feet to customize the enjoyment of the people around them. This advanced tailoring to your needs and the needs of the audience makes it a custom entertainment delight to behold. Each comedian show you book is unique like a snowflake.

      Simple And Stress-Free Comedian Booking

      While some entertainers may require complicated setups and specialized areas, to hire a stand-up comedian all you really need to do is have a look through the list of hilarity experts and choose your favorite laugh inducer for your activity or event. Comedians are funny and easy to work with.

      Boost The Mood Of Any Event

      Everyone likes to laugh. In fact, it could be said that everyone needs to laugh. It is part of what makes life lovely and it is certainly what makes any occasion more fun, interesting, amusing, and enjoyable. Add a comedian to any occasion and you will have laughter throughout the room and an ambiance of enjoyment and high spirits. Make your event one to remember by hiring a comedian!

      Comedians serve to enhance any person’s experience of the occasion or event you have planned. In short, it will bring smiles to their faces, and delight to their day and it will improve both the disposition and mood of all those involved.

      Ready to get started hiring a comedian? Contact The Comedian Company. They will help you with a list of available comedians for hire (including demo videos to preview). In short, The Comedian Company is the largest booker of comedians in America and offers the best service and pricing for hiring a comedian. Check out this list of the top comedians of all time.

      Choose from all kinds of comedians at The Comedian Company.

      Corporate Comedians For Hire

      Step up your next business event with the humor and energy of a corporate comedian. Your audience will thank you and keep talking about the comedian weeks after the show.

      Christian Comedians For Hire

      Look no further for a Christian comedian. Choose from over 500 Christian comedians right now, available nationwide. These comedians are clean, funny, and honor the Lord.

      Christmas Party Comedians

      Add some ha, ha, ha’s to those holiday ho, ho, ho’s. Our Christmas party comedians will make your company party even merrier. Who doesn’t need a laugh during the hectic holiday season! Plus you’ll set your party apart with the gift of laughter from a great comedian.

      Private Party Comedians

      Hosting a private party? After mingling and appetizers, add a course of laughter to your next event with a comedian for any occasion. It’s cheaper than taking your guests to a comedy club and it’s personalized to you. This will have your friends laughing and talking about how great a party host you are.

      Comedy Club and Nightclub Comedians

      If you’re planning a comedy night, don’t miss the outstanding talent of our comedy club and nightclub comedians. Comedy shows bring in customers and profits.

      Fundraiser Comedians

      We book more comedy show fundraisers than anyone. We’ll show you how to have a night filled with laughs all while raising money for your group. It’s a win-win.

      Celebrity Comedians For Hire

      Add surefire star power to any event with a celebrity comedian. Ours have appeared on America’s Got Talent, Comedy Central, Jimmy Fallon, and more.

      High School and College Comedians

      The Comedian Comedy can help you hire the ideal comedian for your campus event. Because comedy knows no age. These comedians specialize in shows geared for high school and college audiences. Tons of university and high school references.

      Moose, Eagles, VFW Comedians and More

      Want to have fun events for your members and a way to bring in new members? Bring on the sidesplitting laughs with a comedy show. We have 100’s of references from all the big fraternal organizations. Comedy shows bring in crowds.

      Jewish Comedians For Hire

      Hire a comedian for temple fundraisers, JCC’s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, or just a private party. Our Jewish comedians are hilarious.

      To hire a comedian for your next event, fill out the form on this page, email or call our office at (586) 218-8745. We make it easy to bring great entertainment to any location!

      No other agency can beat our prices or great comedian selection- Guaranteed!

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        Need Help Hiring
        a Comedian?
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