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    Student Feud, Friendly Feud, and Office Feud

    Student Feud

    Perfect for post prom events. Everyone gets involved and your students can custom write the questions if they want! This show is better than a hypnotist or a comedian because it can go as long as you’d like, you can have numerous teams, you can hand out prizes, and everyone gets involved! A truly memorable night.

    office feud

    Office Feud

    Watch as your co-workers bond with laughter! Office feud is great for your company Christmas party, staff relax days, or just a reason to bring the team closer together. We can customize questions around your office or industry too!

    Friendly Feud

    Friendly Feud

    Make your party memorable with the Feud!

    With our version of Family Feud – “Student Feud,” “Office Feud,” and “Friendly Feud” you get a professional comedian to host the game we all know and love! A great idea for office parties, Christmas parties, and more! Make this an event where your co-workers become the stars!

    In person or virtual options available.

    The questions can be generic like the TV show or we can customize them around your group, theme, office, or industry!

    It’s fun, hilarious, and spontaneous. Plus your team gets to be the stars!

    Two teams go head to head for prizes and bragging rights!

    We Provide:

    The Family Feud Questions

    The Buzzers

    Funny Host

    The laptop with Family Feud digital on it.

    You Provide:

    A television or projector

    Two tables ideally for the participants

    Costs: This Package varies based on the number of guests, the date, and location.

    Content rating: Clean, in the middle, or Edgy!

    How it works: Just like on TV – During the first round of the game, teams will take turns guessing the top 5 answers to survey questions. If your team gives 3 wrong answers, the opposing team gets a chance to answer. All teams will have the opportunity to compete and buzz-in in the final lightning round.

    At the end of the Feud game, the team with the most points wins!

    feud example

    The rules of Friendly Feud are similar to that of Family Feud™ by Pearson Television Operations. Family Feud™ is a registered trademark of Freemantle Media Netherlands B.V.. This game is in no way affiliated/endorsed by Freemantle Media or Pearson Television Operations. The Comedian Company assumes no liability for the confusion with the show.

    No other agency can beat our prices or great comedian selection- Guaranteed!

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