The Ultimate Guide On How To Book A Comedian

The Ultimate Guide On How To Book A Comedian

How To Book A Comedian For A Show

Close up of a microphone with blurred lights in the background.The Comedian Company makes it easy to book comedians. Do you have a budget and comic type in mind? Fill out this form and our office will contact you about hiring a comedian for your next event.

Here are some things to think about to book a comedian

We have all seen great comedian acts via video and social media websites. The internet is inundated with comics.

So How would you go about hiring a comedian?

What sorts of things should you take into consideration?

Follow along and find out! We make it easy to hire a comedian!

What Kind Of Comedians Do They Offer?

There are many types of comedy that cater to a wide variety of people. Check out what neuroscientist say about the benefits of humor in this article. One comedian is not the same as the next.  Therefore, check their humor style and see if it matches what you are looking for. Here are some common comedy types:

  • Topical
  • Self-deprecating
  • Situational
  • Slapstick
  • High energy
  • Clean
  • Edgy
  • Observational

What is Their Usual Audience?

Check out what their usual kind of venue looks like. See what experience they have for the kind of audience that you are trying to hire them for. A Comedian that works in a bar would not be necessarily a great choice for a children’s party nor would a comedian used to entertaining kids be great for a corporate event.

Find a comedian with a versatile background or someone who has specific experience in the area which you need them to fill in for.

Ask For Specifics And Reviews

Lastly, you want to check in to their prices, what kind of setup they require, their availability, and how long their acts usually last. Once you iron out these last few details you should write down everything you have learned about the act and see if it fits what you are looking for.

If it does, well then you can tell them the date you want, organize the payment, sign a contract and you have now figured out how to book a comedian.

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