7 of the Top Corporate Comedians

7 of the Top Corporate Comedians

Eliminate Workplace Stress With A Corporate Comedian For Hire

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We have all heard the old adage about laughter being the best medicine. What about laughter in the office? Workplace stress is at an all time high with high gas prices, food shortage, global unrest as well as the ever present fear of what is going to happen next. Why not hire a comedian to shuffle off the fatigue?

Click on the link to find out what the Mayo Clinic says about laughter ridding the body of stress.

Laughing with co-workers could improve productivity. No team building through games and trust falls here. Bonding with laughter is the way to go. Corporate comedians are available for hire to make your office event stand out and memorable. Maybe you are looking for a fun emcee/host for your next corporate event or fundraiser. We have  corporate comedians ready to book who are experienced and entertaining to make your event magical.

See this list for 11 easy remedies to improve office morale.

The Comedian Company is ready to assist you at your next work event with the best corporate comedian for hire. We have had comedians perform for almost every Fortune 500 company. Our clients include Apple, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, SalesForce, Boeing, and Facebook. Come see why we have over 500 five star Google reviews for hiring a comedian.

Booking a comedian through The Comedian Company provides the advantage of variety. With over 2,000 comedians to choose from, we can help you find the right fit for your event and budget. Hire a corporate comedian for your event to stand out as a success with laughter.

What Does A Corporate Comedian Look Like?

Clean comedy that is what it looks like. No need to worry about the jokes or who they might offend. Laughing without vulgar language or anxiety about who might be upset. Our corporate comedians know what they are doing. Jokes that will have you rolling with laughter not cringing with worry.

Here at the Comedian Company we have over 20 years of experience of making people laugh. We are the largest comedian booking agency in the nation. Let us help you make your corporate event a success by booking a comedian with us.

Need an example? Jim Gaffiagan is one of the funniest comedians out there. Not only is he funny, but his performances are clean. You can bring your whole family to laugh and be entertained. No worries about Aunt Sally or Fred from the office being offended. Jim’s humor is relatable and self deprecating. Sit back and laugh at his clean humor. No cringeworthy moments here.

That is what you get when you want Clean Corporate Comedians. Here at the Comedian Company we can provide you with a list of local or national corporate comedians for hire. You won’t break the bank hiring a Jim like comedian. Check out the video below to see Jim’s hilarious bit about Hot Pockets. You won’t be sorry.

Check out 7 of the best Corporate Comedians for hire.

1. Glen 

Glen is a comedian and writer from New Jersey preforming around the country at festivals and colleges. He has appeared on Amazon Prime, SiriusXM, Cozi TV, and The Travel Channel. He co-hosts the podcast Improvised Wikipedia where he is rewriting all of Wikipedia without doing any research. Glen’s acts mixes observational humor, geek talk, and raising two daughters gives Glen a treasure trove of comedy gold! He is also a self-proclaimed Dr. Mario virtuoso. The steps are easy to hire this comedian. Contact us today.

2. Leighann 

Leighann is a writer, podcaster, actress, and stand-up comedian. You may have seen her comedy on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend or Lifetime’s Girls Night Out. She used to work in the corporate world, but now spends her time making corporate people laugh. She lives by the motto that “happiness gives us hope and my hope is that if we can laugh together we can live together.” Contact us to book her for your next corporate event.

3. Cyrus 

Cyrus is a regular on both the comedy club scene and fundraisers nationwide. He has been performing onstage for years but fell in love with stand-up comedy after graduating from college. Cyrus moved to Atlanta in 2005 from the small town of Savannah, Georgia and quickly establishing himself as one of Atl’s top comics and a master impressionist. Cyrus most recently has performed on FOX and NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” We will help you hire this clean corporate comedian.

4. Eric 

Eric has a honest, self-deprecating humor that will have you splitting with laughter. One of Eric’s main goal is to “work clean” by making people laugh without cussing or being vulgar. He has traveled all over for the last 20 years doing stand-up. Eric has what it takes to make your corporate events pop. Want to hire this clean comedian, we will hook you up.

5. Max 

You may have seen Max doing stand-up since he has been all over the U.S. and Canada. He has performed in comedy clubs, comedy festivals, cruise ships, television and radio, casinos and clubs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the Bahamas. Doing stand-up for the last 30 years has made him something of an expert. His comedy style is also fantastic at corporate events. Check out the video of his comedy stylings.

6. Brad 

Brad is living his dream traveling as a Magician/Comedian/Motivational speaker. Check out his clip from Dry Bar Comedy. Like what you see and you can book him for your next corporate event.

7. Byron 

Byron travels around blending music and comedy for churches, retreats, conferences, fundraisers, high schools, universities and corporate events. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, The Dan Patrick Show, and Dry Bar Comedy. Contact us if you are ready to book this clean comedian.

The steps are easy to hire the best corporate comedian with The Comedian Company. We have a variety of national touring and local comedians to fit your needs. Whatever the event, large or small, we can help. Fill out this form and one of our experienced agents will connect with you.

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