Top Clean Stand Up Comedians

Top Clean Stand Up Comedians

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Close up of a microphone with blurred lights in the background.Comedy is a personal and subjective concept. At The Comedian Company, we specialize in offering a wide range of different comedians for various events and venues. When looking for clean stand up comedians, we are always able to assist. Some of our most common requests are for clean comedians.

The definition of a clean comedian, at least for our team, is a comedian who is able to perform at an event and does not include profanity, offensive topics, or suggestive or vulgar content in their monologue or comments with the audience. These comedians do not use distasteful or inappropriate jokes or content, which means avoiding topics that may be disturbing or offensive to people in the audience.

Clean Stand Up Comedians List

These are comedians that specialize in humor that anyone can relate to on a personal level. Different clean comedians may have targeted jokes and presentations ideal for Christian or Jewish gatherings, corporate events, children’s parties, high school or college events, or even for Christmas parties and other events where multi-age audiences are present.

There are some significant clean comedians that have made their mark in history. This list is not meant to be in any particular order, but it does highlight some of the best clean comedians today as well in the not-too-distant past.

Jerry Seinfeld

While many people know Jerry Seinfeld from his television show, he has a long history of being a comedian, writer, producer, and actor. Jerry Seinfeld has always been a clean comedian and enjoyed using everyday experiences to entertain the audience with humorous observations.

Ashley Gutemuth

Ashley Gutemuth is a well-known comedian that performs hilarious, clean, and positive comedy shows. Jerry Seinfeld even selected her as a winner of the “Seinfeld Challenge,” a badge of honor for clean stand up comedians everywhere; everyone can relate to her observational human experiences and life in general.

Paul Morrissey

Another talented comedian from New York, Paul Morrissey is popular comedian at colleges across North America. He is also a talented TV writer and has a Master’s Degree from NYU. Always in demand, Paul delivers clean humor that gets everyone in the audience laughing.

Cyrus Steele

With his natural ability as a celebrity impersonator, Cyrus Steele is a great addition to any event. His ability to almost transform into the person he is impersonating is remarkable, keeping the entire audience anticipating who will show up on stage next.

Glen Tickle

From New Jersey, Glen Tickle has a wonderful way of making fun of himself that resonates with everyone in the audience. He makes fun of his name, which may be the perfect name for any comedian. His dry, clean humor is about daily life and being a “weird dad.” Glen talks about his days as a teacher and observations about families and life in general.

Jason Douglas

Jason tours the United States and Canada, wowing audiences with his clean humor that makes observations about pop culture and one liners that are both groan-worthy and hilarious. He is also a comedian that enjoys improv and engages with the audience throughout the performance.

Jim Gaffigan

With his unique, laid-back style and rhetorical questions sprinkled throughout the performance, Jim Gaffigan is great for adult audiences looking for a laugh. Known for his work among clean stand up comedians his style is relaxed, the jokes are continually coming, and the audience can relate to each topic.

Anjelah Johnson

As one of the leading female clean comedians, Anjelah Johnson tells jokes on a range of different topics, including going to the nail salon and trying to buy a toothbrush. Anjelah is also a previous MADtv actor and cast member, and she has extensive experience in the comedy field.

Brian Regan

Brian Regan is best known for his ability to notice and observe everyday things and turn them into a comedy event. His humor is very clean and makes it easy for everyone in an adult audience to understand and relate to the message and the humor. Not surprisingly, even kids enjoy and get the humor of Brian Regan. He does talk a lot about his past, particularly little league, and kids can definitely relate.

Chonda Pierce

Author and award-winning clean comedian Chonda Pierce focuses on clean comedy routines. She uses her country background to talk about things that anyone can relate to in a humorous and self-deprecating way.

Clean stand up comedians are a very different class of comedians. They are not just modifying their routines. Instead, they focus on creating humor designed for general audiences, avoiding offensive language or topics to make a family-friendly presentation.

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