Tips for Comedy Shows

Tips for Comedy Shows

What Do You Need to Make a Comedy Show Successful?

The answer is simple!

Whether it’s a night club show, corporate event, or even a house party, the rules are generally the same. Follow our guidelines and your event is sure to be a hit!

1. Introduce the comedian properly, so the audience knows there is a show. Ask the comedian for a short intro ahead of time (usually 2 -3 sentences with some credits and a little about them).

2. Turn off all TV’s, and close pool tables, dart boards, etc. You want your audience focused on the comedians.

3. Make sure everyone is seated for the show and can see the stage or stage area. People standing for 60-120 minutes doesn’t work well with comedy!

4. If this is a private party, discuss with the comedian ahead of time the language content expectations.

5. If this is a night club show, charge a cover. When people see “free comedy show” they assume it’s amateurs.

6. If this is a night club show, advertise! Facebook, Twitter, your customer email lists, Groupon, newspaper, radio, etc. Let people know it’s coming. Everyone loves to laugh, they just need to know a show is coming to town.

7. Start the show on time- don’t keep your audience waiting!

8. If this is a corporate show, have the comedian on after dinner. It’s too hard to eat and laugh. You want the crowd focused on the comedian not on their plates.

9. Do a microphone check before the show.

10. Tell the audience at the beginning heckling is not permitted. While most comedians can tear up a heckler quickly, you don’t want one ruining the show. You paid for a comedian, not a drunk yelling out stuff!

For help planning and finding comedians for your comedy show, fill out the form on this page, call our office at (586) 218-8745 or email . You choose the rating, we’ll help you hire the talent to match. We have comedians for every budget in every city!