How To Hire A Comedian

How To Hire A Comedian

We have simple steps to hire a comedian.

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One of the easiest ways to hire a comedian for any type of event is to work with the experts at The Comedian Company. We offer a complete roster of comedians across the United States and Canada that we can match for your specific function, fundraiser, dinner, or corporate event. We also offer after-dinner comedians, which are a perfect way to wind up any event and create a lasting positive memory for all attendees.

Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a large event open to the public, ponder the budget and comedy type to best fit your audience. Some of these steps should be completed before you even begin looking for the right match. The decisions about the basic information will impact the type of comedian, the amount you have to budget, and the overall experience you want for the audience.

Your Budget Basics

Like any type of performer, celebrity, or entertainer, there is a range of prices for any comedy act. It is a mistake to assume that a quality comedian is too costly for your event. The prices depends on the specifics of the event.

At The Comedian Company, we have different performers for various budgets. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the cost is for bringing in a professional comedian for their fundraiser, party, or corporate banquet or conference.

The more experienced the comedian is, including in their area of specialization, the more the event planners should budget for their performance.

The Date and Location

Popular comedians are often booked months in advance. Corporate events and fundraisers may book comedians as much as a year in advance to ensure they are available for a specific date. However, we work with our customers for last-minute bookings as well, just reach out to our team for help.

Knowing the date and location of the event is essential before talking to any comedian. The location is essential as there may be a need to consider travel expenses for the entertainer.

Time for the Performance

The amount of time the comedian is performing is another factor to know before reaching out to our team or if you are hiring the comedian on your own. This is not only important for the comedian to provide an accurate quote for their cost for the event but is also important to get the right match.

Some comedians prefer to do short sets that are intense, high-energy types of performances. Other comedians like longer sets where they can tell stories and engage with the audience over time. We can help you determine the number of comedians that are ideal for the booking time, creating an exceptional event for your audience.

Kids parties, Christmas parties, or comedians performing at church events may have a shorter or longer time requirement. Bachelor or bachelorette parties, fundraisers, or private parties could benefit from shorter lengths. Another option is to book two comedians for shorter sets.

It is not uncommon for the comedian to also work as the host or emcee of an event. If this is the case, be sure to communicate this to the agent about what they are required to do at the event.

Your Expectations

It is important to be clear on what you expect from the comedian. This includes the type of language, the topics, and the nature of the material covered in the comedy routine.

If using words like “clean comedy,” be sure to verify what the comedian sees as clean. Do you allow some mild swearing or no foul language at all? What topics should the comedian avoid or what level of suggestive content is appropriate or inappropriate?

When talking to the comedians on your shortlist, be sure to discuss this in addition to the logistics and pricing issues mentioned above. By clearly spelling out the style of comedy you are looking for, everyone has a clear understanding. Also consider the power of laughter; learn more with this article.

Watch Videos and Clips

At The Comedian Company, we offer a selection of video clips of available comedians for our customers. Therefore, you are able to see and hear the presentation style and the comedy of our comedians.

It is also critical to find out if the comedian requires any special equipment or stage set up for his or her act. This is important for all events, but particularly for venues that are not set up for entertainers and performers. In addition, be sure to clarify if the event is outdoors and the anticipated audience for the event.

We make hiring the ideal comedian for your event a simple and stress-free process. Get in touch with us online or call us at 586-218-8745 to get the process started.