How To Book A Clean Comedian

How To Book A Clean Comedian

There are many different types of events that are ideally suited to comedy acts. Hiring a comedian to appear at an event is always a great choice if you take the right steps to choose the best comedian for the crowd and the venue.

While it is perfectly acceptable to have a comedian with a more edgy or suggestive type of routine, these professionals are not the right match for church and corporate events, after dinner acts for large groups, or for children’s events or events with a mixed age audience.

For these types of events, hiring a clean comedian allows the organizer to choose a funny professional to get the audience involved while avoiding any type of potentially offensive words, topics, or even suggestive language.

To hire a clean comedian for any event, there are several steps to take to ensure the right person shows up. Some of the work can be done through online searching before ever scheduling a personal call.

Step 1: Consider Your Event and Audience

Clean comedians can specialize in different areas, including religious humor, children’s humor, or comedians that are perfect for corporate events, fundraisers, or other types of parties and gatherings.

Having this information to provide us when you call into The Comedian Company makes it easy for our staff to quickly narrow down your options for the best professional entertainers for the event and audience. We will also need to know the location of the event. This means at least the name of the city where the event will be held if you are in the early planning stages.

Step 2: How Clean is Clean?

Clean is a subjective term, which can vary between comedians as well as between event planners. Be sure to be specific about what you have in mind when you say a clean comedian. Are you expecting no use of foul or suggestive language, no suggestive or sexual topics, and no content that may be considered distasteful?

For most venues and events, it is important for clean comedians to avoid any topics that may be sensitive to those in the audience. The idea is to create a fun and humorous show that gets everyone laughing. At the same time, it avoids any possible issues or topics that are polarizing or potentially hurtful to anyone listening.

Step 3: What are the Specifics?

After you are clear on the audience and what your criteria will be for the topics and language for the comedian, the next decision before booking is to have an idea about the time the comedian will perform. Some events may use the comedian as an emcee or a solo performance, which is common for an after dinner show.

For other types of events, such as corporate events or fundraisers, there may be more than one comedian or different entertainers and presenters throughout the event. Our team is here to assist you in finding the right comedian or comedians for the event.

Step 4: Consider the Budget

Most committees or planners have a set budget for the event. It is helpful to know that budget before calling us to book a comedian for your event. Of course, if the budget is flexible, you can consider different comedians and different performance lengths to choose the ideal combination.

Working with The Comedian Company is a great way to quickly find the ideal clean comedian that is available for your event, in your location, and that works within your budget. This can save you hours of time and research in trying to find a comedian that matches the criteria.

Step 5: Do Your Research

Once you have a shortlist of names, either from our team or through your own research, take the time and listen to their act. The best comedians have clips, YouTube videos, short demo reels, or samples of their work on websites. Many of the best comedians can also be seen on various comedy websites and social media platforms, making it easy to see how the person entertains, what they see as clean humor, and how they engage with the audience during their performance.

At The Comedian Company, we specialize in doing all of this work for you. Our team will ask the necessary questions and then recommend comedians on our roster who are the ideal match for your event. Our clean comedians specialize in a range of different events, bringing clean humor and good fun to any corporate, group, team, fundraiser, or private event throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information or assistance in finding the right clean comedian for your next event, call us at 586-218-8745 or contact us online.