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Stand-up comedy shows are one of the hottest and most profitable forms of live entertainment!

Who doesn’t like to laugh? It’s an entertainment option that draws from every demographic!

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Comedy clubs and nightclubs

Make Money with Comedy Club and Nightclub Comedians

Why host a comedy show? The answer is simple – it’s profitable and unique. While lots of venues offer DJs and bands, not everyone offers a comedian. Set your venue apart with a comedian from The Comedian Company! Draw in patrons on a slow night or make an average night a packed house. Open with a comedian, and your guests will stay all night to enjoy your other entertainment.

Choose from 2000+ Comedians

We have a long list of happy clients and an even longer list of comedians to choose from – more than 2000! Comedy club and nightclub owners love our huge selection of comedians and always find exactly the right blend of talent.

Professional & Experienced Comedian Booking Team

Working with our team is easy! For years we’ve worked with comedy clubs, bars, fraternal organizations, theaters, and more, so we know what it takes to make comedy work. From proper promotion to constant contact with the comedy market, we’ve got it covered.

Celebrity and Talk Show Comedians

Looking for some star power? Many of our comedians have appeared on HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman, Last Comic Standing, and the syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show. We also have celebrity comedians.

Comedian Pricing Discounts

Price depends on several things, including your location and your date. However, whatever the details, we’ll make the arrangement affordable. That’s because we book our comedians on tours rather than on one-night gigs. They get more work, and you get lower prices. For a once-a-month show, prices range from $400-$800, on average; but at comedy clubs, which put on 4-8 shows per week, big discounts can be had.

Length of Comedy Club and Nightclub Shows

In general, a show consists of two or three comedians and lasts roughly 90-105 minutes.

Ideal Venue Size

Comedy is perfect in almost any venue. We look for establishments that seat at least 40 patrons, with an area for a stage or place for our comedians to stand.

Comedy Show Frequency

Depending on the size of your city, we suggest hosting a show once a week, twice a week, or one a month. Let’s talk! The key is to set a schedule and stick to it. This way, customers will always know when the shows are. As your success grows, more shows can be added.

Starting a Full-Time Comedy Club

We can help you open a full-time comedy club! We have the resources ready the talent available to help you succeed. Whether your club is open Friday and Saturday or five days a week, we can help.

Support from The Comedian Company

Each room we book is supplied with our tip sheets on making comedy work, as well as flyers to publicize the comedy show. We are easily accessible by phone or email to help any time.

Hire A Comedy Club and Nightclub Comedian

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