Five Hilarious Comedians from the 90’s

Five Hilarious Comedians from the 90’s

Remember 90’s comedians? Want to hire one for your next event?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with our list of  90’s comedians.

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Do you find yourself getting nostalgic for comedy from yesterday? Comedy in the 90’s was cross between slapstick and pushing the envelope. All of them. Full body humor. No worries about pandering or being PC. Just straight up make fun of everyone. Think rubber-face Jim Carrey or the energy stylings of Chris Farley (RIP). We miss you and your yelling! Of course unapologetic George Carlin (RIP) wherever you are. Jerry Seinfeld anyone? Was clean comedy even a thing? It is now and Comedian Company can hire a clean comedian for your next corporate event, birthday party or worship night. We have it all!

The unforgettable skits from 90’s comedians

The 90’s was also inundated with sketch comedy shows like The Kids in the Hall, SNL, In Living Color which opened the doors for comedy greats to make it big. Even Nickelodeon tried to cash in on the fun with their kid comedy show All That. Don’t forget that Comedy Central began in the 90’s. Now you could see stand-up 24-hours a day without purchasing a VHS tape. With all that comedy one has to wonder whether we were all storing up laughter to prepare for the anxiety of today. Kind of like doomsday preppers, but with comedy. Book a comedian with the Comedian Company to store up your laughter reserves.

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Many 90’s comedians were given their own television shows. Who can forget Tim Allen, Jeff Foxworthy, Ellen, Ray Romano and of course Bill Maher whose show is still on, but on a different channel and with a similar, but different name.

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Check out this list of 90’s comedians that are still out there doing their thing in stand-up.

1. Jerry Seinfeld

Who could forget this iconic comedian from his hit series Seinfeld to his unforgettable stand-up. His witty, observational comedy has been making people laugh since his debut in the 80’s.

2. Victoria Jackson

Former SNL great Victoria Jackson is still making people laugh. With her ukulele and hold nothing back style she will have you laughing. Victoria is available for corporate events, clubs/restaurants, churches, and more! Email or call the Comedian Company for booking information and to discuss dates and pricing. Victoria is funny, quirky, and always works clean! Click here for more information.

3. Chris Rock

Chris Rock has been preforming since the 80’s after he was discovered by comedian Eddie Murphy. He has appeared in countless movies and TV shows. He got his big break in the 90’s when he was cast on SNL. He isn’t one to shy away from any topic and has a tell it like it is approach that may make those who observe political correctness blush. His comedy is definitely rated R and not for those who don’t like profanity.

4. Chris Katan

Katan was preforming with improv/sketch comedy group “The Groundlings” before joining SNL in ’96. He escribes to laughter being the best medicine and is all about family-friendly humor that makes everyone laugh. Chris is available to hire for your next private or corporate event to host, emcee or entertain. Email or call the Comedian Company for booking information and to discuss dates and pricing.

5. Margaret Cho

Margaret has appeared in movies and TV shows, but she is best known for her stand-up comedy. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to her comedy. She makes fun of herself as well as everything else to call attention to the inequality and injustices in the world.

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