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Clean Comedians For Hire!  We Book Comedians For Both Virtual Events & In Person performances.

When hiring a clean comedian, you want to make sure the comedian understands how clean of a performance you want (it varies from person to person).

The Comedian Company will work with you to select the best clean comedian for your event and email you comedian videos to preview before booking.

We have the right comedians for your budget.

The Comedian Company offers a large selection of clean comedians. With more than 500 inoffensive stand-up comics in our network, we will help make your event a winner! Clean comedy is our specialty.

Hire a Clean Comedian for Your Party

Parties often bring together people of many different age groups, beliefs, and sensibilities. While entertainment is essential in such diverse environments, there is a heightened risk that the jokes and acts some participants have no problem with will offend others.

Clean comedians allow you to navigate the risks of entertainment, providing:

Custom Clean Comedy

Humor brings people together, and let’s be honest – who doesn’t need a good laugh? It makes you feel good all over. Our clean comedians deliver the funny. Plus, they can work with you to customize some material unique for your event or group.

Entertainment for All Groups

In addition to causing offense, dirty jokes may be inaccessible to younger audiences, preventing children from enjoying the act. Because they focus on making their jokes safe without boring adults, clean comedians are more likely to offer equal entertainment to everyone who is present.

All Budgets

The Comedian Company has 100’s of clean comedians and keeps them working. Thus, we are able to offer the best price. Guaranteed.


We have clean comedians available for any city in the USA (and most of Canada too). We have clean comedians for hire, corporate clean comedians for hire, and even comedians for church events (Christian clean comedians for hire). Here is how it works – Tell us about your event, what you expect from the comedian, where you are located, your budget needs, and date or dates you are looking at. Once we get your information one of our agents will start to send you sample clips of various clean comedians for hire. These comedians will be at your price range, available the date you are having your event or party and best part … Will be hilarious! The Comedian Company has been helping people hire clean comedians for over 15 years. We have a national database of about 2,000 comedians (over 500 clean comedians for hire). Since we have so many options and the “Best Price Guarantee” we are sure to be the only agent you’ll need when it comes to hiring the best clean comedian! If we can’t find the right comedian for you we work with several regional partner companies which takes our network of comedians to over 2,500!



Recent Review: “We hired a clean comedian for my husband’s birthday party in a restaurant. The comedian (Jay) was so funny and kept it clean. which is important to us. While we are not prudes we don’t enjoy humor that relies on dirty words. The Comedian Company picked an amazing comedian for us and everyone commented how funny the performance was. Two thumbs up!! – Aurora – Indianapolis, IN



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