Pay It Forward Comedy

Pay It Forward Comedy

Pay It Forward Comedy – Comedians helping! 

Hello.  My name is Jason Douglas.  I own The Comedian Company and I’m also a comedian.  Recently a bunch of comedians and I were chatting about what we could do to help bars & restaurants struggling with Covid shutdowns and restrictions.  We came up with Pay It Forward Comedy.  We hope to raise money to keep small businesses going through these challenging times.  Email us if interested –

What is the cost?

Zero!  Our comedians donate their time and we host the Zoom.  All dontions are paid by the customers directly to the venue.

How long does the show last?

Show last 60-75 minutes.  It’s comedy and some of our celebrity comedians may join in for a Q & A afterwards.

What is the show rating?

Similiar to a PG-13 rated movie.  These are top comedians from the best comedy clubs and some celebrity acts occasionally join in.

Is this live?

Show is live and interactive.  It’s virtual though on Zoom.  Audience can see comedians and they can see the audience.

How can my venue sign up?

It’s really simple just email us: and we’ll set a date/time and get you the Zoom link to start promoting.

What dates are available?

We do any days of the week and have good availability.